Arc Partnership is a joint venture between Nottinghamshire County Council (NCC) and Scape, contracted to deliver programme management and maintenance services for Nottinghamshire County Council until 2026.

We are pleased to announce that we have submitted a Contract Notice to the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) with the intent to procure a four-year Mechanical and Electrical Engineering framework as part of Arc Partnership Construction Services.

Two years ago we procured our Mechanical and Electrical Engineering frameworks, which supported our property team to deliver programmes of work valued at £5m-£6m (pa). We are now looking to procure contractors for the next generation of these works.

The framework is valued at £17m over a four-year period, with an estimated 200 projects. We will appoint three contractors in each Lot, who will undertake mini-competitions for individual projects.

These lots are:

  • Lot 1: Mechanical Engineering
    Lot value: £12m
    Project value: £2,500 – £250,000 plus
  • Lot 2: Electrical Engineering
    Lot value: £5m
    Project value: £2,500 – £100,000 plus

The contract notice has been published and is available to view via Tenders Electronic Daily.

Access codes

Arc Partnership are using Delta, a free to access and use portal, for this procurement.

Bidders will be requested to fill out the online questionnaire hosted on Delta. Please follow this link and enter the access codes below to access the trade you wish to bid for.

The access code for Mechanical engineering;


The access code for Electrical engineering;


Procurement timetable

  • Issue Contract Notice: June 2020
  • ITT stage: June – July 2020
  • ITT evaluation: July – August 2020
  • Notification of intent to award: September 2020
  • Confirmation of award: October 2020

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