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In our latest Spotlight article, we chatted to Carol Carr, Customer Response Administrator. Carol is the first line of defence in a property emergency for Nottinghamshire County Council. Carol was initially a temp who ended up securing a permanent position and is now one of the longest serving members of our team with 33 years at Nottinghamshire County Council and now Arc Partnership on her CV! The knowledge and experience Carol has gained over the years are a real benefit to our business.

Carol is responsible for organising responsive repairs for properties across the Council’s portfolio, both in case of an emergency and as part of standard maintenance and upkeep. So, if a pipe bursts in a library or the lights stop working in a school, Carol is the first point of contact, via Arc Assist.

She loves listening to people, digging deep to the root of property related problems, to find the right solution that will provide a permanent fix.

Working at Arc, Carol enjoys being part of a tight knit team, where everyone mixes and works well together, in an open environment.

It’s great that I can talk to Dan, (Managing Director) and not feel intimidated. He’s open and always willing to listen.

Carol Carr

In her spare time Carol loves baking and also has an allotment that she lovingly tends. Not only that, Carol has fostered children in the past and is thinking about doing so again in the future. She’s a Great Gran and a Great Aunt and with family all over the world, would love to visit them all soon.

Carol is a valued member of our team and an inspiration to our younger colleagues.

Keep an eye out for the next in our series of Spotlight articles.

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