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Here at Arc, we see our partnership as something more than our links with Nottinghamshire County Council and Scape.

We want to embed the ethos of working together to achieve ambitions across all our projects.

This was certainly the case with Hucknall Flying High Academy, a new school, required to provide new pupil places for a brand new community being built in the area.

The school and the Flying High Trust have an ambition to be the best school in the universe”, so have been working in partnership with Nottinghamshire County Council, other schools, the local community and parents to achieve this.

It was a real privilege to attend the official opening ceremony at the academy last week, celebrating the culmination of years of hard work by all the teams involved in delivering the new school.

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During the project we worked closely with Nottinghamshire County Council and the Flying High Trust to design a setting that would allow children to flourish and reach their full potential. We were also mindful of the heritage of the local area and the site as a test airfield for Rolls Royce and so incorporated this into the design of the school, which reflects the style of the test hangars and supports the Headteacher’s ambition to embed the Rolls Royce spirit of enterprise into the school as inspiration for the pupils.

We’re so pleased that we’ve been able to play a part in bringing this school to life, allowing the staff to live their mantra of making a difference every day”, and support the education of young people in Hucknall for many years to come.

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