8th June 2016

Welcome to Arc Partnership

Arc Partnership was officially launched on 1 June 2016, marking the start of a unique collaboration between Scape and Nottinghamshire County Council to drive greater efficiencies and lead on innovation in design, management and maintenance of property services across the public sector.

The event took place at Arc Partnership’s brand new office where almost the whole team of 75 attended, as well as Scape and Nottinghamshire County Council colleagues.

Taking on a portfolio of around 200 Nottinghamshire County Council built environment projects with hundreds more expected to be delivered over the next 10 years, there is great work ahead for Arc Partnership and who better to ask about this than the team itself?

“There are very exciting times ahead and it’s great to have the whole team here in our new office space at Scape,” said Paul Cooper, business support team manager.

“We will be able to provide a full service here including design, project management, construction and repairs – it’s not often that you see such a full suite of services on offer.

“I’m very confident about the success of Arc. As a team we’re looking forward to creating a good impression, doing our jobs well and generating more work.

“We know the schools, libraries and care homes in Nottinghamshire – and they know us – which stands us in good stead to do a great job.

“We can also go on to provide services for other local authorities and public sector bodies – the sky’s the limit!” Paul added.

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Combining in-house expertise at Nottinghamshire County Council with public sector owned built environment specialist Scape’s 10-year pedigree of delivering built environment procurement best practice, Arc Partnership is tipped for success and the team is ready for any challenge that come its way.

“Although it is a little bit daunting, it is exciting and motivating to be part of a new company,” said resource planner, Anna Richards.

“We’re at our strongest when we’re all working together. We have a great new office environment here for the whole team and I’m looking forward to us all providing a great service.”

Greg Meyerowitz, quantity surveyor, added: “It’s no secret that there have been budget cuts and tough times for local authorities and this is a great way of making a new start. I’m very confident we will provide an excellent service for Nottinghamshire – and perhaps beyond in the future.”

Arc Partnership is open and ready to do business and the team is looking forward to working with you.

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