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Sir John Robinson House

May 2017
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Sir John Robinson House, a grade II listed former brewery, is owned and used as offices by Nottinghamshire County Council.

We were initially appointed to replace the heating system, with the replacement of the lighting system to LED added as a later request. Our flexibility meant that we were able to carry out the lighting and heating work simultaneously.

The offices remained open and operational throughout the works, so the project involved lots of pre-planning and communication with the client, to allow staff to continue as normal without being inconvenienced.

The project

The new heating system was installed to provide the client with energy efficient heating which meets modern standards, is more effective and reduces running costs.

LED lighting was also installed on a light to light basis, again saving money and using less energy.

To accommodate the works across all four floors of the building and prevent disrupting staff, we rearranged the layout of desks within the office to provide workspaces in a new or temporary location. This meant working closely with the client to ensure a smooth process, without causing disruption and delays for the staff.

We created a hot-desking area which could be used as needed and liaised with the IT department to ensure that there were no issues with connectivity during the project.

Although not part of the original brief, the flexibility of our team meant we were also able to redecorate the office spaces and take advantage of the office moves to advise the client about creating a smarter working environment.


As well as delivering Nottinghamshire County Council’s brief for new heating and lighting systems, we also took the opportunity to reconfigure and redecorate the office spaces to create a more flexible and inspiring environment.

We decided to revise the location of the plant room from the basement to the second floor, as this made it easier to install and continue on schedule with all of the other works happening too.

The logistics of this project were challenging, but we overcame them through careful planning and plenty of communication with the client and their IT department to ensure that the function of the offices was not interrupted.

Key outcomes

The £600,000 works to Sir John Robinson House were completed in May 2017, replacing the existing outdated heating and lighting systems, as well as reconfiguring and redecorating the office space throughout the building.

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