Proud to support reservists

We are proud to have been recognised for our support of the Armed Forces Community, after being awarded the Employer Recognition Scheme Silver Award by the Ministry of Defence (MOD).

Arc Partnership is just one of 24 organisations in the East Midlands and one of nine in Nottinghamshire to have achieved the accolade this year.

As part of the Defence Employer Recognition (ERS) scheme, the award recognises organisations who have actively demonstrated their support for the Armed Forces community through implementing practical policies in the workplace.

The scheme has three levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold. To achieve Silver, organisations must proactively demonstrate that the Armed Forces community is not unfairly disadvantaged as part of their recruitment policies. They must also actively ensure their workforce is aware of their positive policies towards defence people issues.

Having previously been awarded Bronze in 2021, we were awarded silver status for our commitment to the Armed Forces Community and our initiatives to support reservist employees. This includes:

  • The establishment of our Armed Forces Network to support reservists, veterans and spouses and partners.
  • Support of our Reservist employees during times of mobilisation and demobilisation, including paid leave.
  • Regular meetings and roadshows that promote reserve service and provide easy access to information.
  • Our active work with the Career Transition Partnership (CTP) to employ service leavers and attend careers fairs.
  • Our work with the Navy, Army and RAF Families Federations to understand areas of need for employees.
Dan Maher

We’re delighted to have received the Silver Award as part of the Employer Recognition Scheme. We place high value on the skills and work ethic veterans bring to the business. In return, we take the time to actively help reservists ensuring Arc is a rewarding, supportive and engaging place to work.

Dan Maher, Managing Director at Arc Partnership

It is terrific that Arc has received this very important award from government. It’s a clear signal that they have a credible commitment to supporting our armed forces community. Arc gaining the silver award has made me prouder of our work in shaping a better built environment for Nottinghamshire.

Cllr Keith Girling, NCC’s Armed Forces Champion
Service Navigator

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