Leaving a sustainable legacy

Carbon Reduction Plan

Our commitment to change

We understand the responsibility we have to reduce the environmental impact of our organisation’s operations, and the need to be accountable and transparent about our Greenhouse Gas emissions.

This Carbon Reduction Plan identifies our verified carbon footprint. It sets out science-based targets and an investable action plan that seeks to deliver emission reductions of 50% by 2028. It also underlines our commitment to being accountable for this work, both to our local government owners Nottinghamshire County Council and SCAPE Group, through our Joint Venture Board of Directors, and to the people and businesses in the communities that we serve.

We commit to taking immediate responsibility for the emissions we cannot reduce straight away. Annually, we will invest in carbon insetting projects; making responsible contributions to equivalent decarbonisation efforts within local communities.

No later than 2028, we will review the costs and benefits of purchasing certified carbon offsetting credits to secure net zero status as an organisation.

Discover more about how we will achieve this in our Carbon Reduction Plan.