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Demolition Programmes

Arc Partnership offers a faster and more cost effective route to market for demolition programmes. As a procurement authority in its own right, Arc Partnership can arrange compliant tenders directly to demolition contractors. All of our demolition programmes aim to minimise any adverse impacts from demolition to the local community and environment.

Working closely with Nottinghamshire County Council, our client and the local community, our teams develop strategies for isolating, diverting and replacing services including water, electricity, internet connection, data cabling and fire and intruder alarms, without disrupting services elsewhere. Additionally with consideration for the environment a crucial part of all our projects, we implement noise-mitigation and dust-suppression strategies, including screening scaffolding around the demolition site.

Our local, Nottinghamshire-based supply chain have experience in conducting the most demanding and detailed site clearance operations. From planning demolition works to implementing strategies for sustainable waste management, they work with a fully self-contained clearance, material recycling based around the principle of complete land remediation and environmental best practices.

Our demolition services include:
  • Viability and feasibility studies
  • Installation of security fencing
  • Asbestos and hazardous material removal
  • Soft internal stripping and hand demolition
  • Full demolition and site clearance
  • Removal of ground surfaces
  • Service isolation, diversion and replacement strategies
  • Noise-mitigation and dust-suppression strategies
  • Environmental consideration including material and waste recycling
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