13th July 2018

A design for humanity

As part of our commitment to nurturing talent and supporting the East Midlands, we’re working with the University of Nottingham to support their activity throughout the year. We recently sponsored the Best Community Project award at the Department of Architecture and the Built Environment’s end of year show.

The show opened with an exhibition on 21 June, followed by the award ceremony. There were some excellent examples of outstanding talent across the board and the nominations in our category were all fantastic.
The winner

There was however, one clear winner as we toured the exhibits – Holly Conway with her Croydon Eclipse plan. Holly had put forward a design to regenerate a neglected area in the centre of Croydon. In her own words, The Eclipse is a space that encourages and enables the interaction and integration of different cultures within a community.

IMG 0152 cropped
Both the project and Holly herself stood out, delivering a design for humanity. Her design brings people together. It’s about urban renewal, but focused on people, creating a community to support vulnerable sectors of society, without barriers.
Dan Maher, Managing Director of Arc Partnership
Social value

Holly’s designs and attention to detail stood out – not only had she created plans for the building, but she had also provided a whole raft of supporting documents, including leaflets that explain how the space would be used. Holly also put together a programme of events, demonstrating the ways in which the building could be used to bring the community together.

The projects we deliver at Arc Partnership are not just about creating a building, but are designed to provide social value and benefit the communities they serve and Holly’s work fitted this objective.

As our partnership with the University of Nottingham continues, we hope to see even more outstanding ideas and to provide support and opportunities for the students, to help keep talent in the East Midlands. We also wish Holly the greatest of success in her future career.