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8th June 2022

Reducing our environmental impact with the Construction Waste Portal

We are proud to announce that we have entered a partnership with the Construction Waste Portal, as part of an ongoing commitment to reducing our environmental impact.

The Construction Waste Portal is an innovative platform that provides users with better forecasting and management of construction waste on projects.

It has become a vital tool in enabling the public sector and construction industry to predict, plan and prevent construction waste through intelligent data use.

Building smart, sustainable buildings which meets the evolving needs of a community is at the core of Arc Partnership’s values. As part of this, we know we have a responsibility to reduce our environmental impact where possible and make positive change.

By utilising the Construction Waste Portal, we are now in a better position to make significant waste reductions through efficient resource use, while also minimising the environmental impact of construction on our projects across Nottinghamshire. What’s more, we will also be able to reduce our overall cost of waste for reinvestment in other local authority projects.

The construction sector accounts for 60 million tonnes of waste annually which is two thirds of the UK’s output. It's our duty to ensure we're doing all we can to reduce this. Through the Construction Waste Portal, we'll take swift action to reduce waste and improve our sustainable use of resources.
Dan Maher, Managing Director at Arc Partnership

Nottinghamshire County Council’s Environment Ambassador, Councillor Mike Adams, said: “I’m delighted that Arc Partnership has co-opted this innovative piece of technology to slash construction waste on its excellent building projects.

“We need to use every opportunity we can to recycle, whether on a large-scale construction site or in the family home, to drive down carbon emissions across Nottinghamshire to the lowest possible levels.

“By adding the construction waste portal to its toolbox, it is clear that Arc Partnership is committed to tackling climate change as we are at our council."

The portal's principle is to apply data science so organisations can produce accurate forecasts and prioritise reduction of waste. Through the portal, Arc will be able to drive a marked reduction in their waste and carbon emissions as they move towards a more sustainable, circular economy.
John Logan, Founder of Construction Waste Portal

Discover more about the Construction Waste Portal here.