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Lightning Protection and Fall Arrest Equipment Contract: AP2316



Cumulative value

£540,000.00 (based on the full potential life of the Contract)

Framework period

8 years (2 + 2 + 2 + 2)

Expected award date

August 2024

Provision of a repairs, servicing and maintenance (RSM) contract covering all elements associated with lightning protection and fall arrest equipment

Service structure

Key facts


Provision of a repairs, servicing and maintenance (RSM) contract covering all elements associated with lightning protection and fall arrest equipment.

Estimated Start Date:

August 2024

Estimated End Date:

August 2026 (initially)

Option To Extend Contact:

Yes – 2 years + 2 years + 2 years

(maximum 8 years)


All work sites covered under this Contract will be situated in various locations around Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, South Yorkshire and Leicestershire.


Estimated £540,000.00 (based on the full life of the Contract)

Procurement run by:

Scape Group Ltd (SCAPE)


Arc Property Services Partnership Ltd (the Client)

Overarching Contract:

NEC4 Terms Service Short Contract

Number of successful Bidders accepted:


TUPE implications:

No TUPE from the existing Contractor

Deadline for Tender Submissions:

Tuesday 7th May 2024 at 14:00

Link to the Opportunity:

This will be a single stage procurement process conducted under an Open Procedure, in line with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015. The process will be split into 2 parts:

  • Stage 1 – Selection Criteria – This is a set of questions and criteria that must be passed for the Bidders submission under Part 2 to be considered. The criteria is based on the Bidders history and what they are currently doing. Written answers will be evaluated by a panel.
  • Stage 2 – Award Criteria – This is both a pricing schedule and a set of questions that the Bidder needs to answer based on what the Bidder will do or how they will approach works, if they are awarded the Contract. Prices will be evaluated using a set formula and written answers will be scored by an evaluation panel.

Key Documents

The key documents (denoted by starting with “K”) contain crucial information that must be looked at and/or completed by the Bidder as part of the tendering process:

  • K01 – Summary of Requirements [this document] – A brief overview of the Contract, who the Client and SCAPE are and what the Bidder needs to do in order to submit a bid.
  • K02 – Instructions To Tenderers – This document outlines the full requirements of the tender process.
  • K03 – Pricing Schedule – Details the prices the successful Bidder will charge for the works under the contract and is used to evaluate Bidders and calculate the Contract Award Value for the Contract
  • K04 – ITT Answer Book – The Bidder shall provide detailed answers to the questions asked that are relevant to the Contract. These will then be evaluated by the Client.
  • K05 – Non-Collusive Tendering Certificate – A document signed by the Bidder to confirm that they have not colluded with anyone when placing their bid.

Supplementary Information

These are documents denoted by starting with “S” that should be reviewed by the bidder, as they contain important information about the overall contract. This includes items the bidder will need to comply with if they are successful in being awarded the contract.

It is recommended that the Bidder reads ALL the documents fully before submitting their bid, even if the Bidder has tendered for works procured by SCAPE or directly commissioned by the Client, in the past.

If the Bidder has any questions or queries at all about any of the documents or processes involved with this procurement process, please use the Delta eSourcing Messaging Centre to ask. This allows questions to be held centrally for audit purposes and will ensure questions are not missed.

Procurement process

The client understands that public procurement can be a challenging experience, with many questions being asked by the client and detailed answers needing to be provided by the bidder. This is to ensure that value for money is being achieved and that public money is being spend wisely.

The client and SCAPE have used their many years of procurement experience to try and make this procurement process as easy as possible, especially for Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

To that end, for this procurement process, the client will:

- refrain from using acronyms where possible or will provide an explanation of the acronym within a definitions sheet at the front of each procurement document.

- provide guidance and help on each question asked

- provide an open day where Bidders can book a 20 minute slot to talk directly to SCAPE about the procurement. Questions can be asked and any information issued will be sent out via a Q&A document

- be available to answer questions via the Delta eSourcing Messaging Centre.

Answers to the selection questions and general information about the Bidder will be asked via the selection questionnaire directly in Delta eSourcing. Please make sure you save often so you do not lose any work.

Contract award

Following the conclusion of Stage 1 and Stage 2, the top scoring Bidder who provides the Most Economically Advantageous Tender (MEAT), i.e., the highest combined score for price and quality, will be invited to enter into the Contract with the Client.

Key information

No warranty is given to the Bidder by the Client or SCAPE as to the amount (if any) or nature of the service and/or work which may be required to be carried out by the Contractor during the Contract period and no claim for compensation either contractual or otherwise will be accepted in respect of any variation in the volume of the work.

To enable the client to have the re-assurance that the contractor’s workforce is acting in the interest of its efficiency aims, it would be expected that an open book policy[1] is adopted by the contractor.

Aims and objectives

The contract will be used to assist the client in conducting their repairs, maintenance, servicing and construction works.

The specific size, intricacy and value of the projects is currently unknown, however the pricing schedule has been created to reflect the types of works envisaged.

[1] The client and contractor of the works agree on which costs are remunerable and the margin that the contractor can add to these costs (provided during the procurement). The project is then invoiced to the client based on the actual costs incurred plus the agreed margin.

The client requires the contractor to achieve the following contract objectives:

- zero health and safety incidents;

- identify and minimise risk;

- teamworking and consideration to others;

- improvements in quality, productivity and value for money; 

- improvements in environmental performance and sustainability and reductions in environmental impact;

- right first time with zero defects;

- reduce abortive visits where applicable;

- client satisfaction with product and services;

- enhancement of both client and contractor reputation;

- complete work within set timescales and set budgets;

- attain the highest quality relative to cost;

- attain the highest level of customer satisfaction;

- maximise efficiency and effectiveness;

- flexibility in programming;

- improve performance and productivity whenever possible without compromise

Client information


Name: Arc Property Services Partnership Limited

Registered address: 2nd Floor East West Building, 1 Tollhouse Hill, Nottingham, England, NG1 5AT

Registration number: 10074366 (England and Wales)


The client was established in 2016 as a joint venture between Nottinghamshire County Council (NCC) and SCAPE.

The initiative was launched to deliver NCC’s capital programme for their property portfolio through a multidisciplinary design and project management practice which also delivers planned maintenance and manage the reactive repairs and servicing.

Since its inception, the client have delivered over 2,700 projects with a value in excess of £275m, varying from small refurbishments to new secondary schools; and master planning to regeneration.


If you have any questions, uncertainty or need clarification on any part of the tender process, do not hesitate to get in touch via the Delta eSourcing Message Centre.

Any questions asked will help clarify the situation and will be issued to all bidders so everyone will have the same information and can submit comparable bids.

You won’t be able to change you bid once the tender box is closed, so always check if you are unsure about anything.

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