ME Design Services Framework AP2411
Live procurement

M&E Design Services Framework: AP2411



Cumulative value


Framework period

2 years (1+1)

Expected award date


Professional mechanical and electrical design services

Service structure

Key facts


Consultancy service for the design of mechanical and electrical systems.

Estimated Start Date:

November 2024

Estimated End Date:

November 2026 (initially)

Option To Extend Framework:

Yes – 1 year + 1 year (maximum 4 years)


All work sites covered under this Framework will be situated in various locations around Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, South Yorkshire and Leicestershire.


£800,000.00 (based on the full life of the Framework)

Procurement run by:

Scape Group Ltd (SCAPE)


Arc Property Services Partnership Ltd (the Client)

Overarching Framework Agreement:

NEC4 Framework Contract

Number of Lots:


Number of successful Bidders (per Lot):


Deadline for Expression of Interest:

22/07/2024 at 14:00

This will be a two-stage procurement process conducted under a Restricted Procedure, in line with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015. The process will be split into 2 parts:

• Stage 1 – Selection Criteria – This is a set of questions and criteria that must be passed in order to move on to Stage 2 of the procurement. The criteria and questions are based on the Bidders history and what they are currently doing. Written answers will be scored by an evaluation panel.

• Stage 2 – Award Criteria – This is a set of questions that the Bidder needs to answer based on what the Bidder will do or how they will approach works, if they get onto the framework. This will be scored by an evaluation panel.

The documents for Stage 1 of the procurement are organised as follows:

Key Documents

The key documents (denoted by starting with “K”) contain crucial information that must be looked at and/or completed by the Bidder as part of the Stage 1 tendering process:

  • K01 – Summary of Requirements [this document] – A brief overview of the framework, who the Client and SCAPE are and what the Bidder needs to do in order to submit a bid.
  • K02 – Instructions To Tenderers (ITT) – This document outlines the full requirements of the tender process.
  • Other relevant documents – Other documents needed to be completed as part of the PQQ stage.

Supplementary Information

These are documents denoted by starting with “S” that should be reviewed by the Bidder, as they contain important information about the overall Framework. This includes items the Bidder will need to comply with if they are successful in gaining a place onto the Framework.

It is recommended that the Bidder reads ALL the documents fully before placing their submitted with Stage 1 bid, even if the Bidder has tendered for works procured by SCAPE or directly commissioned by the Client, in the past.

If the Bidder has any questions or queries at all about any of the documents or processes involved with this procurement process, please use the Delta eSourcing Messaging Centre to ask. This allows questions to be held centrally for audit purposes and will ensure questions are not missed.

Procurement process

The client understands that public procurement can be a challenging experience, with many questions being asked by the Client and detailed answers needing to be provided by the Bidder. This is to ensure that value for money is being achieved and that public money is being spend wisely.

The Client and SCAPE have used their many years of procurement experience to try and make this procurement process as easy as possible, especially for Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

To that end, for this procurement process, the Client will:

  • break this procurement into a 2-stage process to ensure that only bidders who pass Stage 1 need to spend their time, energy and resources on the more intensive Stage 2 part.
  • refrain from using acronyms where possible or will provide an explanation of the acronym within a definitions sheet at the front of each procurement document.
  • provide guidance and help on each question asked
  • be available to answer questions via the Delta eSourcing Messaging Centre.

The 7 (seven) Bidders who pass the selection criteria and score highest on Stage 1 will pass on to Stage 2. The 4 (four) Bidders who score highest on Stage 2 will be awarded a place on the Framework.

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