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Sherwood E-Act Academy Demolition

September 2019
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Health and Safety
No longer fit for purpose, Sherwood E-Act Academy closed in 2016, standing empty and derelict for two and a half years. Declaring it surplus to requirement, Nottinghamshire County Council approached Arc Partnership to safely demolish the former school in order to create future opportunities for the land in the scope of redevelopment or sale.

With the former school surrounded by approximately 150 properties, it was important for the demolition to take place quickly and safely.

The demolition of all the buildings removed various health, safety and environmental issues from the locality. While the buildings stood empty, they were always a temptation for trespass, theft of scrap metal and disturbance of asbestos. Arson was also a big risk and the associated impact to the local area and surrounding residents from smoke and debris.

Nottinghamshire County Council required all of the buildings to be demolished and removed in a safe manner, including asbestos removal. It was therefore imperative that the works were carried out in accordance and compliance with governance legislation including the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 and The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015.

Sherwood E Act 2 Brightened resized for web
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Located in the middle of a former mining estate, the site was surrounded by approximately 150 properties. As with any demolition programme, there were several concerns from local residents regarding noise, dust, vibration, transport and asbestos.

To alleviate any concerns, Arc Partnership, Nottinghamshire County Council and the main contractor held a residents evening where questions and concerns could be discussed face-to-face. This event was received well within the local community, allowing work to progress swiftly with no further concerns raised as the work progressed.


With the site spread over various levels, including contours and sudden drops in height, the demolition team blended the landscape with crushed clean masonry from the demolition, smoothing the site topography, reducing future risk of injury, waste to landfill and associated transport costs to landfill.

Overall, the school was safely demolished within 4 months. Surplus funds were returned to Nottinghamshire County Council for reinvestment elsewhere, and the area was left safe free of further hazards and ready for consideration of its future redevelopment or sale.

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