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Once your project reaches the construction phase, our delivery team will bring together a whole range of services and expertise to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Made up of in-house designers, budgeting specialists and experienced project managers, the team will constantly monitor what’s happening on site against your time, cost and quality expectations, so every detail is delivered just as it should be.

At the same time, they’ll manage the relationship with your project’s contractors, making sure they’re fulfilling their contracts and providing regular reports to keep you up to date.

RIBA Stages Included

  • Stage 0 Strategic definition
  • Stage 1 Preparation and brief
  • Stage 2 Concept design
  • Stage 3 Developed design
  • Stage 4 Technical design
  • Stage 5 Construction
  • Stage 6 Handover and close out
  • Stage 7 In use

Delivery Services


Managing your project

Offering experienced, proactive project management, including driving delivery targets, advising on procurement strategies and coordinating the whole project team.


Looking after contracts and costs

Providing robust cost and contract management, including offering advice, assembling documents, managing risk, tracking and adjusting costs, and creating regular reports.


Monitoring health and safety

Regular, expert monitoring of contractors’ performance to make sure they’re complying with health and safety regulations – because nothing is so important it can’t be delivered safely.


Providing a smooth handover

Managing a smooth transition from construction to the day your building opens – and beyond, so you understand how to operate and maintain it, with all the necessary certification in place.

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